As a kid growing up in the eighties, I played my fair share of Pac-Man at the arcade.

As an adult, many years later, one Hallowe'en, I needed a costume I could put together in a matter of a day or so, yet still meet my need for it to look like I put in an effort!  The theme of the Hallowe'en party I was going to was "The 80's", so at first, I thought: "Pac-Man".  But, then, the more silly side of me said: "No, Pac-Man MACHINE!".

While photos of much of the build are lost to history, I can take you through how the costume was made and with what materials.

Step 1: Building the Head Piece

The entire costume was made out of cardboard.  In the case of the head, I simply took pieces of corrugated cardboard and cut panels to form the "box".  (Note that the box is not a square and is wider at the front than at the back, like an arcade machine!)  The pieces of cardboard were simply hot glued together, painted black with some dollar store paint and black electrical tape was used on the seams to give it a finished look.

I then went online and did a search for the Pac-Man arcade machine header (or marquee) and found several that I could print on photo paper with my colour printer.  This would be glued to the front of the head piece.

(In a later generation of this head piece, I actually created a compartment behind the marquee where I put a small, battery-powered LED light bar I bought at a dollar store.  I then cut a hole in the front of the box, leaving enough of a border of the Pac-Man sign to be glued to.  The idea was to light up the marquee just like the actual machine marquee would have been.)

Inside the box, I simply used a cardboard ring to fit my head, glue it in place and it allowed the head piece to be worn like a hat.  (I could have come up with something more elaborate like using a helmet or something, but this had the advantage of being free...)

I then added a quarter (remember that's how you let it be known that you were next to play the machine) to the marquee as an extra detail.
Is that what PAC man looked like??
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
How creattive and fun!

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