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these are most of the steps to do this costume, i didnt get pics of the backpack rig inside. but is a simple concept enjoy i hope you like it!

Step 1: Pac Man Costume

Picture of Pac Man Costume

first we cut out 2 sides out of 4x8 cardboard, and cut a strip 2 feet wide and taped it in between both sides with durable duct tape. cut a hole in the bottom big enough to get inside and enough room for legs to move while walking. this costume is 4ft x 4ft

Step 2: Painting

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We applied yellow duct tape over original silver tape, and painted the entire thing with yellow acrylic craft paint

Step 3:

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painted the eyes and added spandex material inside for the mouth (2 pieces) taped and stapled on the inside to hold it well, and staples and tape stay hidden. is a hidden hole between fabric in the middle to reach a hand out if necessary.

Step 4:

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put a small hole in the mouth with a box taped beneath it to catch candy , and small flap that opens inside to take out the candy. inside i didn't get pics but i used a thicker cardboard inside as a flat backing and ran backpack straps through 4 holes in it so it can be harnassed .placement depends on the size of the person. this costume is 4ft x 4ft. and very noticeable Added yellow duct tape on the top for extra rain protection and durability.


Awesome costume! I love how big it is!

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