Picture of Pac-Man Nails
How To...

   -Nail Polish
   -1 Bobby Pin
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Step 1:

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Paint each one of your fingernails a different solid color.

Step 2:

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Paint a yellow circle on both of your thumbs.

Step 3:

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Paint small black triangles on the bottom of your colored nails.

Step 4:

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Fill in the rest of the area on your thumbs with black polish.

Step 5:

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Bend your bobby pin to create a dotting tool.

Step 6:

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Dip your new dotting tool into the polish to create eyes on your colored fingers. These make the ghosts, and you are done!
Cool! My mom made me give her all my nail polish though. :-(
Nik727 (author)  brenna11234351 year ago
Aww, that's too bad. Why did she do that?
antioch2 years ago
Great idea! PacMan chasing the ghosts sounds nifty since you can touch each of your fingernails with your thumb and om-nomnomnomnom...
Nice! Fun colors and I love that you made Pac Man running away from the ghosts :)
Nik727 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you try it. On the other hand you can paint Pac Man chasing back after them :)