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Hello everyone!

This will be my instructible for the second table cover I'm making..

This time I'm making PACMAN !

It's great for making a new table, covering an old one or applying this technique to something defferent than a table.
You can turn it into a new table or make it the size that fits your table.

this is my first instructible if you need more details:
Hardware you will need:
-Sealant gun
-Utility knife
-Small 3Wood saw
-Small hammer (1-0.5 pound)
-Measuring tape
-2 Tubes of white silicone sealant (That's what I've used - you can use the clear type)
-Black spray paint
-20 Small wood nails (1" lenght)
-24" * 52" Plywood (0.5" thick)
-4 stripes of plywood for the frame 2 x (52" * 1") and 2 x (24" * 1")  ( both about 0.5" thick)
-0.8" Glass mosaic stones - ~1519 Black ~24 White ~226 Blue ~126 Red ~145 Yellow - Total of 2040 stones.
** I don't know the prices for these materials in the US but I paid about 70$ for the mosaic stones, 20$ for the plywood and already had the sealant, nails and spray.
** You can use different kinds of materials to glue the stones - plastic glue, mosaic adhesive or other types of glues.
** Yellow and red stones are more expensive than other colors.
** It is not recomended to use MDF instead of plywood because of its weight and poor water resistance.
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Step 1: Modifying the image for the mosaic and printing

Picture of Modifying the image for the mosaic and printing
In this project, I just drew the pixels and printed them, unlike my last mosaic project where I took a full resolution image and turned it into a mosiac design.

If you want to make your own image please go to my 1st ible':


I attached my design for pacman to this step.

Step 2: Making the frame

Picture of Making the frame
This part is easy-
Place the plywood "strips" you made for your frame on each side of the large plywood sheet and use the saw to cut it to create a full frame.
I placed it in the exact middle so it sticks out from both ways so when I lay the mosaic stones I can use the frame as a support and when I'm done the down part helps to stabilize the cover on the table.
I used 5 nails on each side, when the frame is ready - spray paint the frame black (Or whatever color you chose for your background).
I'm sorry about the angle of the photos - I couldnt find a way to rotate them after I uploaded them.

Step 3:

Picture of
This is the most relaxing part, it took me about 6 hours - straight - this time with some food but no breaks!
A few tips-
*Consider that the sizes of the stones are not always accurate - start with the part with the more important details - in that case if you don't have enough place left for the last row/column it's not such a big deal.
*Start with one of the bottom corners and use them as support for the stones.
*Try to avoid using too much sealant - it will cause the sealant to come out to the surface and you will have to spend time cleaning it later.
*Try to avoid pressing the stones too hard against the plywood - for the same reason.
*Make sure stones are straight all the time (not tilting sideways).
*Make sure stones are always exactly above the stones beneath them (to avoid shifting).
*Keep your hands clean from sealant so it won't cover the stones when touched.
*Always look at the printed page, you can mark your place every few rows.
*It is recommended to do the job in an open place or properly ventilated to avoid inhaling the sealant fumes.

Step 4: Last tips

Picture of Last tips
תמונה 1.JPG
תמונה 2.JPG
תמונה 3.JPG
When you are done, allow your mosaic dry outside for a day.
Use the utility knife and clean the dry sealant leftovers from between the stones.
Good Luck!
Ironsloth1993 made it!1 year ago

I built this in Minecraft. The first is in vanilla Minecraft. The second is in a texture pack I prefer called Sphax PureBDcraft . Both are stained glass. I really like the design Tzabary did. I did it in glass since the actual mosaic is glass. The big guy on the ground is my golem Fernando.

Tzabary (author)  Ironsloth19931 year ago
Wow! That looks amazing!
Glad you found out the dimensions (:

How many pixels is it long? also, how wide?

This is a great idea, I really like the look of that tile. I would be concerned about the massive effort to clean it all the time, how do you think this would work with a clear resin top coat for a smooth surface?

Tzabary (author)  wolfsingleton1 year ago

Thank you!

I think it's a very good idea and I would have done it myself if the clear resin top coating wasn't so expensive here...

a wet towel does the job for me but it would be a lot easier if it was a smooth surface...

I'm thinking about using some baking crystals they use to make suncatchers to do the design. I've got a grid that can pump out 1/4" squares already, so I might do something a bit more hi-res like 16-bit Street Fighter or something. If I can get it going, I'll post you a pic.

ffcabral1 year ago

Pacman sprites, IMHO, is always an elegant design to make stuff with. This looks beautiful :)

Your best one !! great job !!

Awesome work!

lmnopeas1 year ago

Super cool!

Wonderful job! Just love it, really makes me want to do mosaic :D