Pac Man Pumpkins





Introduction: Pac Man Pumpkins

Pac Man, ghosts, pellets, and cherries. The Pac Man and ghosts are carved from Sugar Pie pumpkins. The Pac Man was carved on it side so I could retain that round shape. The pellets are just small gourd pumkins turned on their sides. The cherries are made from two crab apples painted red and some 8 guage wire. The pumpkins are mounted on dowels on a board. I used flourescent acrylics to paint the pumkins so they would glow when lit with a black light. Paint was applied with a home-made airbrush made from a paint canister/pen/dust-off canister. For scale, the Pac Man is approx. 10 inches tall.

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    wow! next time we get pumpkins I might make this!

    It looks like you and me have similar taste in pumpkins!


    This is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

    Great job!

    My wife and I really enjoyed this instructable!!!!!!!!

    Lots and lots of shelac!!! Seriously, my only regret with these is that they are going to shrivel and rot. That's what the photos are for I guess. Might be fun to time-lapse the decay.

    May I recommend the synthetic pumpkins that are sold at Michaels Arts and Crafts? I've got several that I've carved in the last couple of years that have lasted nicely.

    This is the coolest pumpkin display ever!

    These are so great! Next time, time the foam pumpkins you can buy at a craft store. That way, they WILL last forever!

    Lol. That is hilarious and extremely cool. I wish I'd thought of that, but it would have never occured to me.

    Amazing job! I love this project because of the work you put into it. Intresting that you carved the pumpkins and painted them, It would be amazing if you made a stop-motion movie like the game with your pumpkins. 5/5 stars and nice work!