Each year I enter a local adult gravity race.  A gravity race is basically a soapbox derby.  Cars race down a hill powered only by gravity. Soapbox derbies on the moon are really boring.  For me, the derby is equal parts race and art exhibit. There is a tremendous amount of creativity in the cars.

For this year's car I had the idea to make a full size replica of an arcade machine. But the key feature would be to have the machine playable.  So I got a pile of wood, an old TV, and a plu-and-play Pac-Man game and locked myself in the garage for a few weeks.

This Instructable will walk you through the steps to create your own version of this car.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

For this project you will need an array of tools and materials.  There are some craft-like elements and woodshop stuff too. So if you've never picked up a hammer before you should ask your dad for help. Wouldn't hurt if you knew how to weld either.  Before you make a supplies list you should finalize your design.
  • Resources
  • Wood:
    • 3/4 inch plywood
    • 2X4 studs
    • 1/4 plywood
  • Metal
    • two 36" 5/16 threaded rods (with nuts and washers)
    • two 36" square tubing
    • go-cart steering kit including spindles and brackets (check on eBay)
    • Metal Mesh or screen
  • Hardware
    • Various screws
    • nuts and bolts
    • eyehooks
    • turnbuckles
  • Paint
    • spraypaint
    • water-based enamel paints
  • 1 sheet of eigth inch clear acrylic plastic
  • There are a million different things needed for this project.  I'l mention them as I go along.
  • Plug-and-play Video Game Unit
this looks EPIC!!!!, I AM SO BUILDING THIS!!!!
Very Creative! Looks like fun. We had similar races where I grew up. I was always a spectator, but boy would it have been fun to ride in this!
Whoa, awesome project!!<br /> <br /> Though that old&nbsp;<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebel_Alliance">Rebel Alliance</a>&nbsp;helmet looks cool, the new decal is a worthy successor.

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