Step 2: Maze Box

The basis of the arcade feeder is the maze box.  Once this is created, you could make the squirrel maze into anything you want.  The box is a 26X26X6" box with one of the 26" sides open.  Cut the pieces according to the attached plans, glue, and secure using 1.5" deck screws. 
Next, mark the inside of the box with a grid of equal squares.  This grid allows you to design and mark the maze.  Play around with the path of the maze.  Get creative.  Once you're settled on a maze, use tape to mark where the interior maze pieces will go.  Measure all of the pieces and cut them out of the plywood.  Make sure that the dept of the maze pieces is less than the depth of the box.  For instance, if the box is 6" make the maze depth 5.5".  I don't recommend securing the maze pieces in place yet; my suggestion is to prime and paint them first.
Any maze-based arcade game could be used.  Donkey Kong would be perfect.  Dig Dug might be cool too.  But Pac Man is my favorite.

This made me laugh so hard! why is everyone looking at me weird???
Day 1 (Oct 2): No squirrels.
Day 2 (Oct 3): Squirrels took the nuts that I put near the entrance hole. Doesn't look like they went in though. Raining so I didn't leave the camera out while I was at work. My wife had filled the bird feeders the day before and I didn't notice. So I took that bird feeder down and locked wife in basement.<br>
Day 3: Raining again so I could not put the camera out. Squirrels took the nuts I left near the entry hole but doesn't look like the went in. Loaded it up with peanuts and corn deeper inside the maze this time; didn't leave any outside. Emptied wife's pee bucket. Weather looks great for rest of week so hopefully there is more activity and I can leave video camera outside.
Day 4: Great weather so I left camera outside. It is a Flip video capable of 2 hours of video. But battery was not fully charged so it only did 48 minutes. At the 36 through 38 minute mark a squirrel milled around and took a peanut that was close to the entrance. Still didn't go in though. Turns out my wife is really strong. Like a she-hulk.
Day 5: Definate progress. Squirrels entered and even took the nuts that were stashed near the cherry. Not sure if they made it any further. But to get the nuts at the cherry it would have had to be completely inside the maze. Video only recorded for 58 minutes. Not sure why. Squirrels must have come after video ran out.
Day 6: Success-ish!. Squirrel definately went through the entire maze. But didn't catch it on video. I am very confident that I will get video this weekend. I did get some screen shots of squirrel in the maze and even some birds went&nbsp;inside.&nbsp; I guess they were tired of their air hockey table.&nbsp; I attached photos in intro of the 'Ible.
Day 7: Got plenty of video footage which I edited and posted on the intro step of the Instructable. Now time to let wife out of basement.
You are hilarious. Thank you for having fun.
Day 9: Anybody know how to get squirrels out of your yard?
Your persistence is inspiring. I think your squirrels are too smart, they're turning the camera off. My squirrels love shelled sunflower seeds, maybe try some of those inside the maze?
Yes, they may be having some fun with me.
I love this. A lot.
It loves you. A lot.
Really cool idea. I hope the squirrels come so you can take some pictures.
if we didn't have a dog i would make this
lol you locked your wife in the bacement
Any chance of getting some pictures of the squirrels in the maze? That would be adorable.
I am trying...desperately.

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