Step 2: Maze Box

The basis of the arcade feeder is the maze box.  Once this is created, you could make the squirrel maze into anything you want.  The box is a 26X26X6" box with one of the 26" sides open.  Cut the pieces according to the attached plans, glue, and secure using 1.5" deck screws. 
Next, mark the inside of the box with a grid of equal squares.  This grid allows you to design and mark the maze.  Play around with the path of the maze.  Get creative.  Once you're settled on a maze, use tape to mark where the interior maze pieces will go.  Measure all of the pieces and cut them out of the plywood.  Make sure that the dept of the maze pieces is less than the depth of the box.  For instance, if the box is 6" make the maze depth 5.5".  I don't recommend securing the maze pieces in place yet; my suggestion is to prime and paint them first.
Any maze-based arcade game could be used.  Donkey Kong would be perfect.  Dig Dug might be cool too.  But Pac Man is my favorite.