Pac-Man Wall Painting





Introduction: Pac-Man Wall Painting

as i moved to my flat i painted all my walls just white,now after two years its boring to see this white everyday and i decided to paint it but not full color,just a bit or a motive?

i like video games and so i choosed pac man because its an all time cool video game.
All you need is your computer a video beamer, a pencil and some paint, i choosed waterpaint

Step 1: The Right Place and Size

first i have to find out the right place and size for pacman and the ghosts,i choosed the upper ceiling corner in my living room.

i got the pacman graphics from google picture search

Step 2: Use Your Computer and a Videobeamer

use your computer and open the your pictures and bring them in the right shure that all the pictures are the same scale and size

outline the pictures with am pencil an mark off the different colors and shadows

fillout your pencil marks

thats it, some outschool video game on your wall ;)



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    I wish to tell you that the "pill" is called a power pellet. Great project though! I want to do this to a room.

    I would assume this method would work with cardboard stencils? I dont have a projector or such things >.< Maybe using a Leveler for the alignment line?

    I have a 20 year old photographic enlarger that I bought from a garage sale. I use the clear photo plastic papers that are for an overhead projector and print to those from the computer and them beam them on the wall with the enlarger Its not really art because I dont really create anything new but its cooler than stenciling. All you have to do is trace with a pencil then colorrize It can be as simple or as complex as your talent with paint will allow. Of course if you're an artist you don't need the enlarger in the first place BUT.... Voila, instant art !!! Total cost: $5 for the enlarger, 15 for a pack of "paper" to play with and as much as you want to spend on paint.

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    Hey hey, Lots of artists use projectors. It's just easier and faster. If you know you want pacman, why spend the time sketching when you can print, beam and spend the rest of your time on a sweet paint job? Lucky dude, I wish they sold photo enlargers at my garage sales.

    A projector. It beams the video. I assume anyway. Projectors make painting lots easier... holla Vermeer.


    That`s pac-man , this is SO getting My Plus =D

    This guys is INGENIOUS, but I think it should be noted somewhere (perhaps the title?) that a projector is needed for this project.

    Wow glad to see theres someone as nerdy as me. I stenciled space invaders on my walls when i got bored.

    Adds a nice touch to a bare wall. Better than pasting coving or anything else up there. L