Picture of Pac Man and the ghosts costumes
My kids decided that wanted to be Pac Man and the 4 ghosts for Halloween.  So that put me and DaDee on task of creating all 5 costumes. 
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Step 1: Supplies

To Build Pac Man we used

2 hula hoops
Some PVC piping we had around
Duct Tape
Yellow Fabric
Black Fabric and glue
Old backpack
Fabric glue

For the Ghosts we used
Pink, Orange, Red, and Blue cheap fabric
White and Black Felt sheets

Step 2: Creating Pac Mans Frame

Picture of Creating Pac Mans Frame
We took our PVC pipes and created 3  I shapes with 2 t shaped pieces and length of pipe.  Then we split the hula hoop circle and slide the I shapes on to the hula hoops to attach the two hoops together.  Then wrapped each connection in duct tape to keep them in place.  We then took the back pack and looped the straps over the top support bar and duct taped it in place.   We then we covered the hula hoops with the card board to reinforce the sides.

Step 3: Covering the frame

To cover the frame we laid out the yellow fabric and then place the frame on the fabric and pulled it up around the frame and duct taped it on the inside of the costume.  Repeat for the other side.  Then at my son's request we made a black pouch for Pac Man's mouth so that people good actual "feed" his treats to Pac Man.  We attached the fabric to the top support and then looped it down past the next support creating a pouch to hold his candy.

To create the face. I traced a cup to create the eye shape and cut out the circle, then cut out a triangle out of the circle to make the correct shape. We attached the eye with fabric glue.   We then cut 2 large pie shapes and glued those on to form his mouth.

vveit111 months ago
Thank you for sharing!!
I really love these, they're all so cute together. I love theme costumes, I have three little brothers and this year they're going as the avengers. Anyway, cute costumes!
it's soooooooo cute you should make ms.pacman too. that will tie it all together.thanks for the great idea
WALKEREN3 years ago
So creative and so adorable! I love the packman costume! They're all great. Thanks for sharing!
halo 34 years ago
what thay are cute but i hate the pac man costume but the ghosts are very cute defenly the baby
MaMeex5 (author)  halo 34 years ago
You don't have to like the pac man costume, it made my son happy and that is what is important. Glad you enjoyed the ghosts. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions.
TwoSpoony4 years ago
So adorable. It's good that you designed them so that the kids can see, which can be a safety issue with other Pacman costumes. Plus, you get to see their smiling faces.
tarzioo4 years ago
these are GREAT costumes!!!
happyjo4 years ago
Really adorable!
shaggyjay4 years ago
Tastefully cute!!
dummy19774 years ago
awesome job. here is the piece of crap, pre-made pac-man costume I had when i was a kid:

ChrysN5 years ago
Very cute!