This is Instructables club's 4th 'ible and our entry for the game.life 4 contest. If you can, take a moment to vote for us. Thanks!

The kids and I brainstormed several ideas for this contest and we settled on this one because it was the most inexpensive idea we could come up with that was still pretty darn awesome.

The idea is to play a game of Pac-man in real life, using the kids as the players.

To pull this off you will need:

1. T-shirts: a red, a blue, a pink, an orange, a white and a yellow
2. fabric paint: black, white, and blue
3. paint brushes
4. freezer paper
5. exact-o knife
6. iron
7. computer and printer.
8. scissors and/or paper cutter
9. cardboard: to go inside shirts for painting and for use as cutting board
10. blue painter's tape: at least 2 rolls
11. plain paper: several sheets
12. colored paper: a few sheets
13. awesomely cool people to play

Step 1: T-shirts: Making the Stencil and Preparing the Shirt

We need a t-shirt for each player in the game and we added the cherry. That means we need:

Pac-man: yellow
ghosts: blue, pink, red, and orange
the cherry: white

To make the t-shirts, first you need to create a stencil if you don't want to free hand it.

1. cut pieces of freezer paper down to standard paper size: 8.5 x 11. It's easy and quick to use a paper cutter for this to make the cuts straight. You will need 10 sheets.
2. load the freezer paper sheets into your printer so that the image will print on the non- waxy side.
3. pull up the stencil images we have provided on your computer and print them full page. You will need to print 1 cherry, 1
   pac-man, 4 normal ghosts, and 4 squiggly mouth ghosts.
4. Using a piece of cardboard as a cutting board, carefully use the exact-o knife to cut out all the black. Keep all the white pieces and the blue of the ghost eyes. We have labeled the pictures for you to know which parts you will need.

1. insert a piece a cardboard or t-shirt form inside each shirt or just do one at a time if you are short on cardboard.
2. lay the shirt on a firm surface to iron 
3. plug in the iron and iron the shirt to remove wrinkles
4. position the stencil on the shirt with the smooth waxy side down.
5. Iron the stencil on the shirt. This will melt the wax and adhere the stencil. Since the stencils are in multiple pieces, iron on the main part (the part with the edges of the original paper) and then position the inner parts within it and iron in place.
*note* the normal ghosts go on the front and the scaredy ghosts go on the back this way the ghosts can "transform" when the special pellets are eaten.
<p>Here a suggestion (excuse me if it's been suggested already, but I haven't read all the comments.) The suggestion: if you have enough kids waiting to play you could use them as the walls. The could stand in lines holding hands and this way would feel that they are participating as well as watching. And of course you would have to adjust the size of your maze based on the number of kids you have playing. </p>
<p>That's not a bad idea. I wonder if the kids would be able to stay still and not interfere by reaching out and trying to block the players.</p>
<p>I like this idea a lot. I've seen 'Life-size Mousetrap' at Maker Faire, but that is just a demonstration (no audience participation), and it rarely works as planned. Life-size Pac Man on the other hand is fully interactive, and with a few parts to create the game board, could be made to set up an any location, indoors or outdoors. Good job.</p>
<p>thank you so much!</p>
<p>My 7 year old Pac-fiend self would be all over this :D</p>
<p>hahaha! I think it would be great to get a group of adults together to play it</p>
I like the way you have brought this retro classic to life. we have done a similar one outside with water guns as the special corner pellets. good for the summer!
<p>that sounds fun!</p>
<p>Looks like a lot of fun!</p>
<p>It's been a hit. The kids have been asking everyday all week if we can go play Pacman. They play it spontaneously whenever they enter the room.</p>
<p>Great idea, looks like you guys really enjoyed making this!</p>
<p>The kids in the club enjoyed making it, but ALL the kids enjoyed playing it!</p>
What a cool idea!
<p> awesome ms megan the awesome project</p>

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