I made a pac man paper mobile for my baby niece and her parents last winter. This is how.

The only cost for this is for five sheets of colored paper. About $2.

Staring with how it turned out (sorry for the crappy image quality).

Step 1: Make Paper Template

I free formed three paper ghost templates in photoshop. One for each eye possition (lookin up, down and sideways).

I used a perfect circle, 90- and 45-degree lines. And then I drew the holes for the eyes, lightly skewed for comic effect.

Note: this is not the actual template I used, but a fairly accurate reconstruction.
I got some really thin wire at a Micheals store, work great.
You should make the ghost blue, like they're running away from pac-man. Good job.
Thats is too cool! :D (Am I showing my age here?)
Thanks! (no, but your profile links to your homepage)
very nice but what are those support bars? what did you use???
Thanx! They are metal wires from a discarded wire hanger.

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