Pack-a-Punch Machine With Pack-a-Punched XBOX 360 (Modded Paint)





Introduction: Pack-a-Punch Machine With Pack-a-Punched XBOX 360 (Modded Paint)

This is the Pack-a-Punch Machine (from COD: Zombies) I built with a cool twist, a Pack-a-Punched XBOX 360! I painted my XBOX 360 to look like it had just went into the Pack-a-Punch machine and came out with the Pack-a-Punch Camo. I just finished this yesterday because I'm going on vacation today. So I did as good as I could with the time I had. My favorite part is of course the XBOX, and the picture of the ray guns that I drew on my own.

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I made a little video explaining a little bit more about my pack-a-punch machine! Check it out below:

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COD ghost is a great game.

cool I love painting things that don't want you to paint them

Sure is... or was.

if they could pack-a-punch me i would be deadlier than chuck noris's beard

i see none fail the rayguns on the pap thing one raygun has 3 iron sights and th other one 4

they both have 4sights LOL
just look better before saying sumthing like that.....

btw they need only 3sights

No I'm pretty sure I was careful enough to make sure there were 4...

Hey how did you make that? If you want to sell it put it on ebay and I would totally buy it! could you show me how to make it I would totally appreciate it because I would love that in my room! please reply back or email me!!!! if you want my email just comment and tell me