Pack the Cubicle (April Fool's Joke)


Introduction: Pack the Cubicle (April Fool's Joke)

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This is a fun April Fool's joke for the office. Have a cubicle farm? You know, all those impersonal, life sucking work squares that prevent you from seeing your co-workers unless something is going down, then all the heads pop up like prairie dogs over the dividers? Put some life back into your work. Tape up the open doorway with clear packing tape, then fill the cubicle with packing peanuts. Make sure you use the biodegradable cornstarch type, and make this a green joke.

Step 1: Tape Up the Doorway

Take the packing tape, and criss-cross the door opening until no peanuts can slip through.

Step 2: Fill the Cube

Fill the cubicle with the biodegradable packing peanuts until even with top of cubicle walls.

Step 3: Deny, Deny, Deny

Never, ever, take credit for this joke. Always keep them guessing!



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    why not only put the peanuts on the tape? i mean the cubes are tall enough not to see.

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    Doing that would be too easy to clean up, as well as being not as convincing as there would be small gaps.

    Someone already made this.And Use your own Pictures!

    i think this is a good instructable, but i think it would be easier to just use clear saran wrap to cover the door way, but i still like the idea!

    If your company has a warehouse or well-stocked shipping department, pallet-wrap (like thicker/wider saran wrap) works wonderfully to seal the doorway. Just pull off a half dozen strips or so (however many it takes to cover the doorway) and secure them to the doorway with the packing tape. It also works well to wrap any sensitive components like keyboards and toasters (don't ask - I remember a co-worker who always had a toaster in her cubicle back when I was a corporate slave); so that the peanuts and/or dust from the peanuts don't damage anything (plus it adds a level of complexity to the joke; they now have to unwrap things after they dig out the peanuts).

    Well, I haven't seen an instructable like this in a while.. You should use your own pictures, not just ones from off google images.. And your explanation is a bit brief..

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    The last time I pulled this prank, there was no camera available. April Fools has not come around yet, so I can't take pictures until then. As to being brief? It's a brief joke. It's so simple, more explanation would clutter it, not explain it. What's more simple than dumping peanuts over a wall? It's a great prank.