I really likethekraft paper,I do not knowwhy, the simpletasteofa little bitof time,why not set upa simplebrown papergift wrap.Thesearemyhandmadekraftpackaging.Thankyouenjoy.
Carvedrubber stampis not very good.May bethe firstcontact witharubber stamp
Ha ha.First have to buy a chisel, then prepare the vellum.Sulfur paper covering the pattern you want engraved above the pencil which depicts down, then depicts good sulfur paper cover on the rubber, depicted pencil side down with a fingernail to scratch again, so you want to portray.the pattern is printed on to the rubber.The such get another helping burin u engraved.I scholarship soon.Chance on a video.
the carved rubber stamp is awesome! How did you make it?

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