Packing Heat





Introduction: Packing Heat

Ever find yourself eating out to find that the food has no flavor? A cafeteria? Airline food? Need some Tabasco sauce to spice things up, but don't have any handy?

That is all finished now. You can bring favor with you with this holster for your own Tabasco sauce. The instructions here will accommodate the small, but useful, 2 fl. oz. bottle of Tabasco. That makes it acceptable for bringing with you on an airplane trip and add the needed flavor to your flight food.

So grab some scrap fabric, ribbon, and a couple hours to prevent another flavorless meal.

A completed holster can be purchased at

Step 1: Gather Materials

Simple scrap material can be used. Measurements are approximate.
-11" x 3 1/2" strip of fabric
-4" ribbon or webbing (adjustment strap from backpack will accommodate)

Mark the center of the fabric.

Material used in pictures were purchased from ParaGear:
Fabric: 500 denier red Cordura Item W9345
Ribbon: 1" Square Weave Item W9860

Step 2: Sew Ribbon Into Top Hem

-Align ribbon flush with top edge and centered over the center mark
-Fold approximately 1/4" of top with ribbon towards wrong side of fabric
-Fold a second time to create hem
-Sew down hem with ribbon wrapped inside

Step 3: Finish Belt Loop

-Fold 1/4" of trailing edge of ribbon
-Sew down trailing edge

Step 4: Add Bottom Hem

-Fold 1/4" of bottom edge of fabric
-Fold again to form hem
-Sew hem

Step 5: Create Bag

-Fold in half with wrong side out
-Sew sides approximately 1/4" from edge
--Too much left on edge will make bag too narrow to fit bottle
--Lock stitches near mouth to reinforce mouth

Step 6: Create Square Bottom

(Review pictures in depth as this is difficult to describe in words.)
-Fold bottom of bag to create point from existing corner of the bag
-Stitch across point approximately 3/4" from corner
-Repeat folds and stitches on opposite corner

Step 7: Turn Bag Inside-Out

The sewing is done. Turn the bag inside out. A pen can help push out the corners.

Step 8: You're Finished

Everything is done. Attach to your belt and add Tabasco.

Now you're Packing Heat.



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    I think it is a brilliant idea. A bit late, better than never.

    I thought this had something to do with pepper spray at first.... Great idea!

    Sweet idea, might do this with my bottle of franks red hot. If you feel inclined, please join my Group.

    i haven even read it yet i just saw the bottle of Tabasco(best stuff ever!) and was like "i should read this"! and now i am so..........yeah

    yeah, i saw packing heat, and thought you were explaining something else...

    WTF? how is it possible for something so stupid to be so nesecary!!! this is great

    This is the greatest invention will make one for myself for next vacation...... let's see me go through customs with that I better start my explaining & excuses but other countries need to spice it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just the thing for spice-craving folks!

    lol, from the thumbnail, it looked like you were going to mod a tazer inside a Tabasco bottle... cool idea though