Step 2: Ingredients

-Coarse sandpaper
-Tiles in a variety of colors*
-Tile nippers
-Tile adhesive
-Waterproof grout
-Grout application tool (float, trowel, or squeegee)
-Razor blade or scissors

*When picking up your supplies, your tile choice is going to be very important.

Once you finish your grid layout, you are going to have to track down all of the tile colors you need.  You might end up buying tiles from more than one location, so be sure that they are all the same thickness and the same finish!

If they are different thicknesses your table will not be flat and smooth!

And your table will look very strange if your tiles are a combination of glossy and matte finish.  (Unless of course, you planned it that way…in which case you might be able to create a neat effect!)

The tiles I purchased were sheets of one inch backsplash tiles, which means they came attached to a mesh backing.

If you purchase tiles like this, you can simply cut them apart using scissors or a razor blade.
<p>This is amazing! Where can you buy those tiles in 1 inch squares?</p>
This is so Cool! I love it! I wish I still had little kids in the house so I could do the same.
this is the coolest thing i've ever saw!!!! i love it!!!
Five stars!
very cool! I like how the mosaic makes it look really pixelated like the actual game. Superb job!
I love this! Great job! I'm digging all the colors too! ;)
That's particularly awesome.
Oh I just adore this! I'm a huge fan of mosaics and I'm a big game loving fan, this is WONDERFUL! I want to do some game themed things in my classroom, I want my theme to be &quot;School is just a game, play to win&quot;. I could see something like this being fantastic on a supply table! If I wind up making it I will definitively show you! Thanks for such a wonderful 'able!

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