Step 3: Prepare Your Surface

To make sure the tiles adhere properly and securely, use coarse sand paper to sand the surface of your table.

Then, wipe the table clean with a damp rag making sure no sawdust remains.

It is best to apply the tiles to a flat, clean, dry surface.

<p>This is amazing! Where can you buy those tiles in 1 inch squares?</p>
This is so Cool! I love it! I wish I still had little kids in the house so I could do the same.
this is the coolest thing i've ever saw!!!! i love it!!!
Five stars!
very cool! I like how the mosaic makes it look really pixelated like the actual game. Superb job!
I love this! Great job! I'm digging all the colors too! ;)
That's particularly awesome.
Oh I just adore this! I'm a huge fan of mosaics and I'm a big game loving fan, this is WONDERFUL! I want to do some game themed things in my classroom, I want my theme to be &quot;School is just a game, play to win&quot;. I could see something like this being fantastic on a supply table! If I wind up making it I will definitively show you! Thanks for such a wonderful 'able!

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