Yes a classic profile all people know :-)

Step 1: Making the Profile

I cut out the profile with the gap made a groove for T-mol on the side

Step 2: The Game

i found a portable consol normal use for a televison, i hack it and connect it to an external power found a 7" lcd NTSC screen from a car dvd player set.

Step 3: Painting

hard to get the right yellow color first paint with a light brown sanding with sandpaper and use the yellow color twice

Step 4: Play It


waka waka waka ...... Play it again :-)
see more of my creation


<p>Love the design of this. Very nice indeed.</p>
Oh my amazing idea, yes! I made a standard profile bartop pacman themed machine a few years ago. I love this idea!
<p>photo of your bartop ?</p>
It's missing the marquee right now. But I love this guy.

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