Step 2: The Preparation

On The Cutting Board
First, chop the ingredients. Cut out the stem and the seeds from the pepper and then just cut the rest into small pieces. I recommend about 1 inch square pieces. For the onion, peel the papery outside off and cut off the end. Then slice about 1/4 – 1/3 as much onion as you have pepper. Also chop these slices to about one inch long. For a sweeter onion that doesn’t burn too quickly, I recommend cutting thick slices of onion.

In a microwave safe bowl, put in about ½ the amount of green beans as pepper.

See second picture for idea as to how much you should have of each.

On The Stove
In the saucepan, boil water for the noodles.
In the frying pan, lightly coat the bottom with oil. For both pans, put the heat to medium high.

not padthai

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