Padded Bat





Introduction: Padded Bat

This is a cheap fun bat thats safe to use in wars of hitting each other.if you make alot you and your friends can have big wars it only takes around 10 minutes to make one!

Step 1: Whats Needed

1 duct tape
2 pool noodle
3 scissors
4 pvc pipe

Step 2: Putting It Together

cut the noodle down to size then cut in half.

Step 3: Wrapping

now wrap it all in duct tape.

Step 4: All Done Now Go Make One There Loads of Fun.

make sure it looks like this.



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    5 Discussions

    Not terrible for just hitting each other, though I peersonally recommend: 1) a pommel on the end. As others mentioned before, less likely to get hurt with a back side blow (accidental or otherwise). 2. Don't spiral tape the boffer (that's technically what it is), compresses the foam making it harder/defeating the purpose of the foam, and wastes tape.

    You really should give it a pommel so you don't get hit with the unpadded end.

    As the Simpsons showed us some 20 years ago, "These work a lot better without the padding." Good instrustable though.

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    I have proven that fact wrong, if you light the padding on fire they become more effective than either, it quickly becomes a very good weapon....