Here is a simple way to hollow out a potato so you can fill it with desired ingredients and bake.

Step 1: Gather Equipment and Ingredients


Paddle Bit ( I used a 1 1/4in, but the size of bit depends on the size of the potato)

Tin Foil





Bacon Bits

Sour Cream

This is what I use for my potato, but the ingredients can be modified to fit your taste.

Since it sits upright for baking, what about mixing something firm/fibrous into the filling to keep the heavy stuff (bacon) from settling out of the lighter stuff(cheese, sour cream)? Bits of broccoli or cauliflower florets, perhaps? Fantastic idea by the way!
<p>I say use the potato shavings from coring the potato.</p>
<p>I will have to try that next time. A little bit of veggies never hurts.</p>
Finally, a reason to move my workshop into the dining room area. I am imaging the possibilities now.
<p>Easier to bring a small fridge, a burner/torch, and a electric kettle to the workshop. Then you don't have to leave.</p>
<p>Power drills are way underutilized for cooking lol</p>
You had me at paddle bit. I'll have to give this a shot. Good idea!
O WOW!! You are definitely a man's man. Love this idea because I tried it with spoons and it turned out as a mess. Lol...Awesome
<p>Oh my gosh, this looks amazingly delicious! </p>

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