Someone gave me a lot of scrap oak wood pieces, remaining from a parquet floor. All about 7 x 13 cm. It took a while to get an idea what to do with this. I thought of this design, and I made several bird houses and bird feeders. Everybody around me wants one. May be you do too. Here are some instructions

Step 1: Material

You will need:

thirteen hardwood(?) boards about 7x13 cm

Two metall wire circles 20 cm diameter (can be bought ready made or made from some 2,5 mm garden wire)

Two wood discs 20 cm diameter

A small piece of wooden stick (for the bird to sit on)

paracord (or iron wire) to connect all parts

some metal wire scraps

A drill to make holes (including one to make a 30 mm hole)

<p>very cute... congrats on ur Win </p>
<p>Congrats on your win!</p>
<p>touwtje van de Action, staaldraad en hout. die gaat op het scouts programma lijstje tanks.</p>
<p>GEWELDIG! je zult er lol aan beleven net als ik bij de houtgroep van het speciaal voortgezet onderwijs.</p>
<p>not water tight or air tight enough for most birds in the NE, the design is unique and interesting, just need to seal it up a bit more maybe with some clear non-toxic RTV/Silicon</p>
thank you for adding to the idea.
<p>Very unique design, I like it a lot! However I suggest removing the perch, as the birds don't need it, and it's an easy in for predators and sparrows (you don't want either).</p>
Thank you for this comment. You are right, without the perch its safer for the nesting birds, and they have no difficulty whatsoever to enter the birdhouse.<br>I knew, it but forgot, and added the perch out of tradition. Thanks for reminding: NO PERCH PLEASE!
<p>Very nice and everything that helps birds these days is good as their numbers are declining everywhere due to chemicals in the environment and climate change. Another big help for the birds would be to leave off the perch. A perch allows predator birds a convenient place to stand while they poke their head inside the birdhouse and eat the eggs or the baby birds. Cavity nesting birds can get in and out perfectly easily without a perch, just as they do in old woodpecker holes in trees. But I encourage people to put up as many birdhouses as possible. I have more than 50 on my small farm.</p>
<p>This is very beautiful, but I would like to suggest layering the panels for the bird house like you did for the bottom feeder picture. Instead of going all the way around, have the top cover the side panels, they cover the next panels that cover the next, down both sides, with both sides coming out on the outside of the bottom panel. It will shed water better, keeping the family inside dryer and warmer. </p><p>Looks good. Thank you for the great ideas!</p>
You are completely right. The panels in one direction is not watertight, but I like the rhythm of the panels in one direction s&oacute; much...
<p>I agree, they look great that way. Maybe in a sheltered place, under a house eve or a carport? Nice work though.</p>
<p>a little heavy</p>
<p>May be it looks heavy, it weighs less than 800 grams.</p>
<p>It's a very unique design :), thank you for sharing.</p>
no sign 'house for sale' in your garden, the birds must be very happy with this beautiful home. I love the design.
<p>This is great, the result is beautiful! </p>

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