Step 3:

A hex cap screwed onto this pipe end retains normal use of the shell as a paddling pool,and also aids it's draining. Your lawn will no doubt appreciate the watering!
Sure, BUT even 100' of hose will not hold that much water !&nbsp; If you do the maths&nbsp; (Volume - pi x rad.^2 x length) you'll find&nbsp; ( in metric terms) 30 metres of ~10mm internal diameter hose&nbsp; is only&nbsp; 3.14x.01x.01x30 = ~10 litres of water. <u>The paddling pool setup holds more like 100 litres</u>. It's high summer here &amp; yesterday &amp; this was enough to shower 2 adults, 2 kids &amp; a dog &amp; still have lots left.<br> <br> I take your point abot Arizona, but iIn regions with only &quot;modest&quot; heatwaves (New Zealand), a hose based setup can still get TOO HOT. The idea for backyard solar is of course is to <u><strong>boost a lot of water for balmy bathing/showering</strong></u> rather than a <u><strong>little water to elevated temperatures.</strong></u>.&nbsp;<br> <br> &nbsp;
Looks good. But couldn't you accomplish the same thing with 100 feet of black water hose on the roof with one end connected to the pressurized water supply and the other connected to a shower fixture? It's been done that way here in the Arizona desert and works even in the wintertime here.
I don't want to seem like the grammar police because I am horrible at grammar myself but in step 6 I think you meant to put 11AM to 4 pm. unless you warmed it up during the night x) Regardless, nice instructable, any plans on making a large-scale version?
Yikes! Indeed it should be 11am - I've edited OK. Thanks for spotting. I've no real plans for anything larger, but something wide, shallow &amp; cheap (!) may come up. However yard clutter, loaded weight &amp; out of season storage may then become an issue ...
Float a black plastic trash bag on top of the water for extra gain and/or bubble wrap to let light and heat in while insulating.<br><br>For extra hot add a higher below water fitting and attack a coil of black poly pipe.<br><br>For mega hot super-lux, run a 12v bilge pump off a battery to circulate the water through the piping.
You should put Plexiglas over it so no nasty bugs get in.
good point<br />
Gook idea
ah, the old magnifying glass and sun trick! those were the days... ...i sure wonder where the time went.
What a fantastic idea! A cost effective, great way to heat pools. Finally I will be able to enjoy the pool with the kids! They don't mind the cooler water temperature however I require another 5 or so degrees before I can manage to brave the pool....

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