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Introduction: Pagani Zonda - Paper-Super-Craft

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2.5ft (76cm) long papercraft, inspired by one of my all time favorite super cars, the Pagani Zonda. Available in three stylish color variations.




Printed kits are manufactured by my local Alpha Graphics print shop. Templates are printed on premium matte finish cardstock paper using high-end digital printers, with instructional booklets included, all packaged individually into protective plastic for shipping.


Buy Zonda Super Sport Pack - PDF
Buy Zonda Super Sport Pack- PDO
Buy Zonda Super Sport Pack - PRINTED


Buy Zonda Jet Black - PDF
Buy Zonda Jet Black - PDO
Buy Zonda Jet Black - PRINTED


Buy Zonda Aero Blue - PDF
Buy Zonda Aero Blue - PDO
Buy Zonda Aero Blue - PRINTED


Buy Zonda Velocity Yellow - PDF
Buy Zonda Velocity Yellow - PDO
Buy Zonda Velocity Yellow - PRINTED


PDF files require the latest version of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.
PDO files require the latest version of Pepakura Viewer.


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    Have you ever accidentally ripped one of the pieces? If you rip it, is it still possible to fix it and make it less noticable?

    I download the free one, and all I get is a wheel. Where can I get the entire model!?
    I love the papercraft, BTW. It's higher quality then most things you can find online.

    2 replies

    go here you will find models for free

    ooh, thanks, been looking for a free PDF....:D

    As a viewer, I like what I see and would like to purchase. Question is what is the substance used to hold all components together, like a paper glue/glue stick?

    4 replies

    The materials I used are listed on my website,

    I know right!! I really want a free one, I would totally do it. But these are overpriced, I must say. I kind of wish you provided a free papercraft. (Car, like the McLaren P1, which, BTW, is my absolute favorite

    it need a password to open it where i can find it

    so if i bought this I would receive a file where i could print out all the pieces from my home printer? and if i screw a part up(which i will), can i just print that part out again?

    1 reply

    Right, did you see my Tips page in the sample file? It says if you screw up you can reprint as many times as you want.

    I have read this samples, but i just found 12 pages...
    You said it was 44, where can i get the rest ?


    It requests for password. Where can I find it?

    4 replies

    There is no password. Use the latest version of Adobe reader to open the PDF.

    The latest version of Foxit Reader also works with no problems.

    Thanks for a great model. I may have to redirect some of my M:TG budget towards a couple of your models.

    I would love to see an instructable on your process for creating your models.

    Thank you. I will have more craft projects like this coming very soon.

    I'm having the same problem...