Introduction: Paid Apps for Free!!!!

Step 1: How to Get the Free Apps

This is an awesome app which allows you to download paid apps for FREE straight from your IDevice,you don't have to be JAILBROKEN but if your not a computer is required for first use setup.

Step 2: How to Download the App

Firstly you need to go into SAFARI on your IDevice and past in this link-

Then you press the big grey button in the middle of the screen to install,it'll come up with a notice saying "are you sure you want to install this app", press yes.

When it is installing put the same link into your computer and download the computer version.

Step 3: Getting the Free App

After download on your IDevice go into the app,press the search button on the top right,search for your app,when you find it press the button on the rught side of the app 2 times and it'll download

Step 4: Fix Crash

If app crashes or asks for Apple ID,DONT GUVE IT.just connect to your computer and open up tong bu on the computer then there will be a pic of your ipod and all the stats,under it should have a button called "genuine app" press and wait for it to finish.


Step 5: Help

If any help is needed feel free to email me on


jabujavi (author)2016-02-08

Getting something free that must be paid is something very wrong!
You are stealing the work of people. Please, remove this 'Instructable'.

acabrera7 (author)2015-06-10

could you clarify on step 3 and 4? sounds a bit vague. screenshots, maybe?

(a good instructable is an instructable that you can imagine doing the steps out in your head!)

fli5 (author)2014-08-02

I've personally tried it

fli5 (author)2014-08-02

It's legit