"Bread with egg in the middle", "Toad in a hole", "Bird in a nest", "Egg in a basket", whatever you call them, they are delicious - but let's take them to the next level!  Once you flip them over, top them with American cheese, and add cinnamon sugar to the cut circles!

Step 1:

Assemble the ingredients:

Bread (2 slices per serving) of white, whole wheat, etc. to your taste
Spray Cooking Oil
Margarine (or sweet butter)
Pre-sliced American cheese (yellow or white, 2 per serving)
Large eggs (2 per serving)
Cinnamon Sugar

OptionaL - to taste:

(before topping with cheese)
black or white pepper
Cayenne pepper
garlic and/or onion powder
dill weed
sweet basil

(after cheese topping)
Dollop of Sour Cream
Russian dressing
Ask for toad in the hole in the UK, you'll get sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding :-)
<p>NicNak,</p><p>I did not know that. Thanks. Actually, that sounds delicious. Haven't had a good Yorkshire pudding in decades. </p>