Paint Ants for Science





Introduction: Paint Ants for Science

Instructional video for painting ants that also demonstrates difficulties faced by social insect scientists. You can use the methods described for your own science projects or to spice up your ant farm!

(PS: anyone know where you can get smaller containers of C02 for household use? I tried computer duster, but that is some sort of other crazy combo of chemicals that makes the ants get really weird)



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You can use dry ice for a cheap and readily available form of CO2. Can you provide some more written context? I know a lot of folks will be reluctant to click through without a more thorough explanation of what they'll be seeing/how it can be used educationally. For the teacher contest, this will need a learning objective (what kids are supposed to learn as a result of completing the project.)

oops i squized to hard

bike stores sell CO2 tire inflators that use 12 gram tanks. I'm not sure how they work though.
any place that sells paintball equipment can sell you a small tank and fill it for you.

whoa.. this is great, I never knew!

page is too small!