Paint Blowing!





Introduction: Paint Blowing!

I came up with this when I was playing with paints. I wanted one of my paintings to dry, so I blew directly on one of the drops of paint. It spread everywhere and my painting was ruined! But then I came up with this idea! Blow the paint as an art!

Step 1: The Supplies

For this project you will need:

A few pieces of paper
1+ Dixie cups
a disposable stirring utensil
tempera paint 

Step 2: The Paint

For this project regular watercolors from a tin will not work, so instead we will be mixing tempera and water to make a thin, vibrant colored watercolor. First, choose the colors of paint you would like, and mix them in the Dixie Cups. I used blue and yellow to make a lime green color. Stir well. Next add water until thin. I mixed 5 colors, but you can do as many as you want.

Step 3: Blowing

Now that you have your paint, you can begin blowing. Dip the tip of your straw in the paint. Let the drops fall on to the paper. Choose a drop and blow directly on top. Paint should go in all directions.

Step 4: Done!

When your finished, let it dry and hang it up!



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    blow painting is very creative

    You can also use watercolors, but you have to use watercolor paper so its not all wrinkly and the colors are not as vibrant.