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-8.5 in. x 11 in. picture frame

-Paint Sample cards; feel free to be creative with colors (they are free and can be found at any store that sells paint)

-Any type of adhesive

-Dry erase marker


-Printer paper




Step 1:

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Remove cardboard from the picture frame.

Step 2:

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Glue printer paper to cardboard.

Step 3:

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Select 7 paint sample cards of your preference.

Step 4:

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Using a ruler cut off half an inch vertically from each paint strip column.

Step 5:

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Use scissors to cut top and bottom color block off of the 7 sample cards you have chosen. (When cutting the blocks, cut in the middle of the white line). There should be 5 blocks left on paint strips once this step is completed.

Step 6:

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Save the darkest color block form each paint strip. Discard the lightest color block

Step 7:

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Cut each of the darkest color blocks hot dog style (these will serve as the days of the week). Discard one half of the cut paint block.

Step 8:

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Move the darkest color block (that was cut in the previous step) to the top of the column, above the lightest color. (as seen in the picture)

Step 9:

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Place each color strip on the cardboard paper, positioning strips in accordance to your preference (as seen in the picture).

Step 10:

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Aligned bottom of color strip with the bottom of the paper.

Step 11:

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Glue each color strip and the separate dark color blocks to the paper, with the dark color block being above lightest color block of the same strip.

Step 12:

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Write the days of the week with sharpie on the top dark color blocks (depending on your cultural background).

Step 13:

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Reassemble picture frame.

Step 14:

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Fill in calendar accordingly with dry erase marker.


seamster (author)2014-10-30

Such a clever idea! The paint sample cards are perfect for this. Well done!

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