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Introduction: Paint Can Speaker

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What does a paint can, an old speaker, and skateboard trucks have in common? They all come together to make one cool speaker. I hope to convert this to a Bluetooth speaker later on.

Step 1: Get a Paint Bucket, Remove the Label and As Much of the Paint Residue As You Can.

Step 2: Get Your Speaker and Set It on the Bottom of the Paint Can. Then Mark the Mounting Locations.

I got this speaker from an old RCA boombox that was going to be trashed. It's really not all that difficult to find an old speaker.

Step 3: Poke Holes All Around the Top of Your Can.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Metal and Slide the Speaker In. Mount It With Bolts.

Be careful, as the rim will now be VERY sharp.

Step 5: Remove the Handle.

Step 6: Mark the Holes in the Skateboard Trucks.

Step 7: Mount the Trucks With Bolts.

Step 8: Drill a Hole in the Can Lid, Thread the Wire Through, and Snap on the Lid.

Step 9: Hook It Up to Your Receiver and Rock On!

Step 10: Please Vote!



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    its nice , i like it i will vote .create AUX to just attach to computer or mobile

    1 reply

    Thanks for voting!!! I'll look into an AUX unit!

    Great job.

    Was there a reason you didn't mount the speaker to the lid instead?

    I just figured that way you could keep the handle to make the speaker easy to pick up and carry.

    1 reply

    I wanted to be able to get inside of it easily for the bluetooth conversion, and a press fit lid could potentially vibrate out.

    To make it bluetooth compatible, try this amplifier. You could even build it inside the can:

    1 reply

    Thanks! I'll check it out!