Don't let paint samples for your bathroom go to waste! Use them to create a fun, but cheap, indoor wreath that tells a special someone, "You look good in any color!"

Step 1: Create Your Wreath Form

For this project, you'll need the following items: 1 12 by 12-inch piece of cardboard (I used a piece I found inside a new calendar), paint samples (The number of strips depends on what size your wreath is), double-sided tape, hole puncher, ribbon, decorative wire, hearts, magic.

Start by tracing a circle onto your cardboard. I wanted mine to be as big as the piece of board, so I used the top of a trash can. An old record would fill the space nicely, too. For the center hole, I used a small Pyrex mixing bowl. Again, the size of middle will vary on how big or small you want it to be.
cool idea :)<br />
That is NEAT-O
This is a great idea! I was looking for fun Valentine's crafts to do with the kid that weren't too complex, but would look a little more sophisticated than gluing hearts on paper (she's almost 6). I think we'll do these, maybe slightly smaller, with heart-shaped bases. Time to raid the paint section at Lowes.
Nice instructable, I have alot of these in a junk drawer waiting to be put to use. Its not hard to get more when i need them either.
Very cute. You could also make a heart shaped one for extra Valentines goodness.
Yeah, this looks awesome, but would look even awesome-er in the shape of a Heart!
I think I will, good idea! I have leftover chips, so I think I'll be able to craft one together!
awesome. just added this bad-boy to my to-do list.

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