Step 2: Get the Base Going

I used Dutch Boy paint samples from my local grocery store. These worked great because they were perforated, and popped apart easily. If you can’t find perforated strips, simply cut them apart at each different color. Because I had one big sample on each, I used this as the beginning layer of the wreath. I went around and fanned them out, not paying attention to color. (Feel free to be more coordinated.) I used one piece of double-sided tape on this wreath because I was working with paper products, and was afraid hot glue might be too hot. (This also worked well because the wreath isn’t going outside.)
cool idea :)<br />
That is NEAT-O
This is a great idea! I was looking for fun Valentine's crafts to do with the kid that weren't too complex, but would look a little more sophisticated than gluing hearts on paper (she's almost 6). I think we'll do these, maybe slightly smaller, with heart-shaped bases. Time to raid the paint section at Lowes.
Nice instructable, I have alot of these in a junk drawer waiting to be put to use. Its not hard to get more when i need them either.
Very cute. You could also make a heart shaped one for extra Valentines goodness.
Yeah, this looks awesome, but would look even awesome-er in the shape of a Heart!
I think I will, good idea! I have leftover chips, so I think I'll be able to craft one together!
awesome. just added this bad-boy to my to-do list.

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