When I was little, I would always use to much glue.When it dried, it would turn into a clear sort of plastic. So I tried recreate that, but with color. Instead though I got a cool type of paper. This paper can be used for virtually anything. It's sturdy like construction paper, so you can use it to make cubes, megaphones, and stuff of that sort, but you don't need tape!If you apply water to a small section , it will become sticky, and you can press on a sticker, or another piece of paper. Also, if you decide to use tape, it sticks well to the paper, and peels off with ease, so no tearing. This paper can also act as double sided tape if you make it right. There are so many more possibilities, but lets get on to making it.

Step 1: Materials

Gather a list of the following

  1. Elmer's Washable No Run School Glue
  2. Water color paint
  3. printer paper

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