Picture of Paint Swatch Birthday Calendar
Paint swatches are wonderful! You get them for free at the hardware store, and you can use them for craft projects, for example a colorful reminder of upcoming birthdays.
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Step 1: Select colors and stamp

Picture of Select colors and stamp
It’s easy as pie: use some large stamps (I used “Simply Sweet” foam stamps by Doodlebug Design) and black ink (Staz-On) and stamp the first three letters of the month on a card (I chose colors which resembled the mood/temperature of the months).

If you don't have stamps, simply use a sharpie =)

Step 2: Print, cut, glue and arrange

Picture of Print, cut, glue and arrange
Now attach a printed list of the days to the card. Use good glue, otherwise they might curl upwards after some months like mine did…
Anyway, if you’d like to make such a calendar - I attached a free download for you as a PDF :)
Print it (12 copies of page 1 or, to be correct, 7 copies of page one, 4 copies of page two, and 1 copy of page three) and cut it to the width of your paint swatches. Trim to get an equal height. Choose a nice place for your calendar and attach it to your wall or door.
I always mark the current date with a little arrow (“Book Dart”), so I can see upcoming birthdays at a glance.

Step 3: A little extra

Picture of A little extra
By the way, the icing on the cake is the cat on top of my door. I cut it from vintage wallpaper scraps. And it covers a dent in the wall *g*.

Well, I hope you like this Instructable, and if you make such a calendar, feel free to send me your pics :)
abouffart3 years ago
Love it too, instant colour harmonies!

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snuzzle3 years ago
What a cute idea! I love finding creative ways to use ordinary things.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Love it! I've been meaning to make an office birthday calendar for ages. This is a great design!
ChrysN3 years ago
Pretty, what a great way to keep track of birthdays.