Introduction: Paint Trolley Into a 'Hold's It All' Tabletop Workshop and Organizer

more friendly craft storage 'bashing' here:

Some of the wires were kept for paint the others are cut out at various lengths using the metal cutter disc on a Rotary tool.  The amount removed depended on what I wanted to store.  I had some Lexan-type plastic leftover from another project which formed the shelves. 
I used a piece of paper to make a template of the spaces that would be shelves.  (even though they look even - there are small differences in the spacing of the wires.  I used a jewelers saw to cut the Lexan-plastic to shape. The shelves were glued in with a clear 2-part epoxy
The removed wiring became the end-hooks which hold small packages and anything with a small handle.

Extra bonus was at the end when I realized that my pliers and cutters fit perfectly on the top rail!

Now to work on my table I just lift in on and everything is in reach!

I might add a few rails to hold items in if it becomes so heavy that it tilts when I lift it.

Cost: 5$ for the Paint Trolley on Craigslist  aprox $4 worth of epoxy


OxfordDon made it! (author)2014-07-29

Great idea - I have 2 of these and they hold all of my huge collection of acrylic paints in 2 oz bottles with room left over. Everyone who sees them, wants them immediately. Must caution, however, that they are now extremely hard to find. Michael's used to have them for $25 and I had bought 2 of them years ago but had somehow lost them in a move. I rushed to Michael's to replace them only to find that they no longer carry them. Never thought of looking on Craigslist. I searched everywhere and finally found some on eBay but had to pay $50 for each. They were worth every penny to me, however, and with these ideas, they are going to be worth even more. Never thought of cutting out segments. Thanks!

ArtsyFartsyGirl made it! (author)2011-06-25

So Cool! I would never have known what that was if I came across it. Will pay more attention to stuff like that next time I'm at Home Depot, etc.

TBirdy2010 made it! (author)TBirdy20102011-06-25

Thanks! I don't typically toot my own horn but I have to say that this is one of the best things I've ever made. As a miniaturist you span multiple mediums from wirework to polymer clay to airbrushing and this tool caddy holds so much! and there is still room for more but I've cut myself off buying more tools and supplies until I actually make more stuff...

Again - thanks for looking.

lebowski made it! (author)2011-02-07

That's impressive. Nice work organizing!

TBirdy2010 made it! (author)TBirdy20102011-02-08

Thanks - I could have fit more - but it was getting a little heavy lol

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