Paint Vintage Flowers





Introduction: Paint Vintage Flowers

Paint vintage flowers like a pro with this easy technique. Just follow along!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint (puff paint)

Americana Acrylic Paints in Ebony Lamp Black Snow Titanium White Holly Green Sunny Day Yellow Carousel Pink



Step 3: Here's How

Paint the entire canvas black or gold

Paint circle and flower shapes in white

Paint leaves in white Loosely fill in the round shapes with large strokes

*leave some white showing

Loosely fill in the flower shapes

*also leaving some white showing

Fill in the leaves with green

When dry, sketch around the shapes with Allure in black



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I love this but wasn't able to access the video. Do you have a link?

I would like to try it. Step 1 says watch the video. I only see a picture with no video. How do I access this as it would really help! Thanks!

Hm......I'm seeing the video on my computer. Here's the link just in case.

Check out my blog for tons more photos to help you along.

Thanks! I can see the video with this link. There was only a pic of the beginning of the video with no arrow or indication to start a video when viewed on my phone. I really, really want to try this!

It looks lovely, thank you for sharing. :)

wow! me likey!