Introduction: Paint Your Bicycle

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Turn your imagination into reality!
Give your bicycle your own paint design

Step 1: Things to Bay

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All this project cost only 2.5€
Black metal spray paint 1€
Red metal spray paint 1€ and
Masking tape 0.5€

I choose red,and black colors for mine bicycle but you can choose whichever color you like

Step 2: Before Painting

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I have painted my bike 2year ago but the paint was damaged so I decided to re-paint it
This is have it looked,yeah I know Horrible!

Step 3: Clean and Prepare to Paint

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Before you start painting your bike wheels you should clean them as better as possible
If you leave dust and other dirt the painting result will be worse.

Step 4: Add Masking Tape

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Start adding masking tape to the places that you don't want to paint or making paint lines,and other painting methods
I used mine to separate 3 different colors, the original wheel color,red and black one

You should add tape really carefully

Step 5: Be Ready to Paint It

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After insalling masking tape,first you'll have to shake your spary paint and start painting
Shake it about 30seconds before use
I used the black color first

Step 6: The Red One

Picture of The Red One

I continued painting with red color

Step 7:

Picture of

I decided to paint this one too

Step 8:

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Painting another parts of bicycle

I used magazine paper to " catch" unused spary so it wouldn't cause any mistake in painting

Step 9: Painting Dynamo

Picture of Painting Dynamo

I painted dynamo too.

Step 10: Removing Tape

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After you have painted your wheel you have to wait for 15 minutes than check if you did any mistake during painting,if yes repaint them
Then wait for other 20-30 minutes and carefully start removing the masking tape

Step 11: Some Pics

Picture of Some Pics

Here are some photos of wheel i painted

Step 12: First Weel

Picture of First Weel

I painted my first wheel whole red

Step 13: Chain

Picture of Chain

I painted chain to red&black

Step 14: Finished

Picture of Finished

After you finished it go outside and let the other rate your new bike paint

Step 15: Some Music

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After this project hear some music to relax

Hope you guys enjoyed this and if you do this to your own bike post the picture in comment so i will see other ideas

P.s I'm not an artist,i just love bicycle :P


flamesami (author)2014-07-03

Is it just me or does your bike have no back brake? Also, doesn't the paint get worn off by the brake pads as you use the bike?

Mrfatjonable (author)flamesami2014-07-08

It has back brakes
It brakes by rotating pedals backwards

flamesami (author)Mrfatjonable2014-07-08

ah! ok, that makes sense. I had one of those bikes ages ago

bergerab (author)2014-06-23

Cool idea! I never thought of painting my bike. Very creative.

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