Paint Your Desk.


Introduction: Paint Your Desk.

Hello guys my name is Namik, im 15 years old, i come from Bosnia and Hezegovina, and im starting instructables channel, to share with you my own projects. this is the first thing im uploading on instructables and as you see this time i decided to paint my plywood desk in orange,because it looks great,hope you like it,as much as i do. this is not step by step projects, im just showing to you an example, of what i usually do, so if you want to see simple and cool step by step projects, that i do in my free time, please let me know in comments below , thank you .



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    It,s pretty simple, i used an ordinary orange spray paint, but the most important part is sanding, i first used 100 sandpaper, and after that 350, when i finished that, i cleaned it with air compressor, to get nice and clean surface, without any dust on it, after that , just one coat of paint, and thats it . optional: after painting with orange you can add a layer of clearcoat, just to protect the first coat .