Step 9: 9. Re-assemble

Screw everything back together. White drum heads are always the nicest and classiest.
What exact clear coating do i have to use....Do i have to get the same exact clear coating color or its jusy the same one as any other color ?? Please answe back asap trying to start my project now
Would it work on a steel shell? <br>
nope. that's the purpose of the plastic spray paint.
how has it held up? do u get many chips? did you prime the hoops before spraying them?
so you don't have to take off your wraps before you paint??
should you put a extra coat ? so it wont come off
&nbsp;Just my 2 cents, but you probably could've&nbsp;polyurethaned&nbsp; the drums to protect them a little better. But the set looks awesome the way it is.
its cuz 11 is one more then 10
Awesome. Did the paint ever end up chipping of the rims?
luv the colors! great instructable!
whats the 11th step for? lol
Very helpful, inspired me to paint my own drum set. I tore off the plastic shell, though, and painted directly onto the wood.
my next drum set is going to be any used one that sounds good. cuz now i can make it awesome and classy...
sweet. 5/5 and fave.
you play?
ya. some friends from denver let me borrow they're set for a while
so you're going to paint the set that isn't yours?
no, the instructable just looked cool. BUT, we might buy the set from them if they decide they don't want it.
oh. cool
Nice holiday color combo. ;) What, no logo for your bass drum?

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