This is an instructable on how to paint your nails ok-ish
This is my first instructable and I will try to make more and better ones
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Step 1: Pick Your Color

You will need to pick your color! It can be any kind just be aware on how it looks on you

Step 2: Clean Nails

If you have nail polish already on them then you will probably want to take it off!! :) I don't have any on so I don't need to right now

Step 3: PAINT!!!

You will want to be sure not to leave any of you nail behind!! Make sure the whole thing is covered

Step 4: The Rest!

Now do the same thing for the rest of your nails!!

Step 5: Almost There!!

Now you'll want to clean any excess polish off of your fingers with remover


Your done!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy your nails
Thank you!
<p>good work</p>
I love the color :)
Thank you!!!
<p>Turned out looking great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! </p>

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