Picture of Paint Your Own Basketball Goal
Turn a faded, dilapidated basketball goal into a piece worth playing on. Shows you how to paint on a stenciled logo.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Ratchet and pliers (for removing backboard from post)
Sandpaper (for smoothing out and stripping the old surface)
Paint Scraper (for scraping off the pain, of course)
Spray paint (pick whatever colors you want)
Painters tape (for making the square)
Stencil (for your design)
Lacquer (to protect your design from years of jumpshots to come)
War Eagle!
tt73156 years ago
What grade sandpaper would you recommend to remove rust from the goal prior to painting?
Doveman7 years ago
One question: Do you have to use Photodelux to make the stencil? Can you use something else?
Remember people......Spray paint dries within 24 hours but can take up to 10 days to cure. You will definitely ruin your nice new paint job if you don't let it cure.
Wareagle8 years ago
War Eagle!
mdntrdyr9 years ago
sweet....WAR EAGLE!!!!
radiorental9 years ago
nice work, I like the colours

an alternate method for creating a stencil can be found on step 3 here

note it reduces the underspray problem and no taping. You can get really detailed stencils using thin paper and spray tack.