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Introduction: Paint a Jacket

This isn't so much a step-by-step... but a peek at the process of taking acrylic paints and making a lame old leather jacket into something won-der-full!



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    nice...but i coulda done without the undies dance lol

    cool. now i'm gonna get skelly on the back of mine =]
    godda love social D

    cool, i like the "dare to be different" aspect of the pink flames. i went with the all too common punk skull on the back of mine but with a bit of an abstract twist. my first attempt but i don't think it turned out too bad.

    This is a great vid and the hair is gorgeous too... really suits you! I have soooo many leather jackets and theres only two of them that I haven't painted on... and that's only because they are more formal ones which I wear for work meetings etc!

    do i need to dance/fight at the end??? lol nice vid, love the color of the hair ( i wish i had the balls to paint mine cobalt blue) i`ll customize a pair of sneakers with flames ! tx dude!

    To make things easier, you can do much of the painting with the acrylic paint pens, especially for the outlines. For filling really large areas, spray paint, or air brush acrylic work well. I used a combo of all of those On these Jackets and they have held up fairly well. I occasionally do a touch up job, but nothing major.

    Nice. Did the paint need any special mixing to go on the leather? How's it holding up?