Picture of Paint a nerf gun (n-strike Maverick)
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my first ible! today i am going to show you how to paint a nerf gun. I will be using a Nerf N-Strike Maverick rev 6 (available for 8-10$ but if you have a gun you dont mind taking apart you can use that) 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

A nerf gun (of your choice, but again i will be using a Maverick)
Some plastic spray paint (krylon fusion plastic works well) one can of black and any number of other colors you want to use.
An exacto knife
some general purpose sand paper (or low grit if you want to minimize the risk of making scratches the paint wont cover)
some blue painting tape
a small philips head screw driver (I refer to these as tweakers)
and a cardboard surface for painting on top of (a grassy gun is no fun and mom probably wont be happy if you paint her driveway)
nerf lover 2 years ago
Can i paint my nerf with acrylic??
I am painting my longshot with acrylic, but you should put something clear on it to protect it because the paint can be scratched off when it is dry. :(
thoren (author)  legoman1112 years ago
the reason i used plastic specific paint is so that the paint would bond better to the shell, acrylic paint will work just fine but like legoman111 said without a clear coat it will deteriorate very quickly and peel off in little bits. i also recommend using a spray paint to get a nice smooth finish, brush strokes stick up more when the paint is dry and can actually make the paint peel faster because the ridges create more friction, it also doesn't look quite as nice :P
nerf lover 2 years ago
jxmorris123 years ago
This is really cool! You should paint the tip next time so it looks sorta real. :)
thoren (author)  jxmorris122 years ago
if you want to play in large groups painting the tips is against the rules, and most police and authority groups want you to keep the orange tip so that it is not mistaken as a real gun, it sucks but you cant play using them without the orange tip