Paint an Acoustic Guitar





Introduction: Paint an Acoustic Guitar

The design was inspired by some art created by Blizzard Entertainment! A guy wanted me to paint something fun on his cheapy guitar!

What you need:
-A guitar!
-Sand paper
-Painters tape/paper
-Acrylic paints
-Spray primer
-Crystal Clear enamel spray

Step 1: Step 1: Prep

1. Take off the strings and anything you don't want to take the time to cover up! (I also took off the pick guard!)

2. Sand it up to remove any clear surface so the guitar will hold the primer better

3. use paitners tape and some paper to cover things you don't want covered in primer!

Step 2: Step 2: Prime

1. Use some spray primer and cover the guitar in light passes

2. Wait to dry

3. do another coat if you're not satisfied

4. Wait to dry

5. Optional-- i used a fine sand paper at this point and dusted away any access.

Step 3: Step 3: Outline Your Design

I free-handed a fun design on the guitar using a white colored pencil.

You could use a pencil and draw on your design at this point or use stencils or whatever!

Step 4: Step 4: Painting

I combined various amounts of water with white/blue acrylic paint and washed it on the guitar.

Step 5: Final Step: Seal

After everything dries and you're satisfied with your design-- seal it up!

I used Crystal Clear Enamel to protect the guitar.

I waited for the enamel to dry between coats.

After everything dries-- take your tape off, put the strings and pick guard back on-- and voila!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Please join me on my facebook page for more!



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    Hi, did painting your guitar alter the sound of it?

    Hi, I noticed a couple of questions about painting the back but I can't see any answers. Is there one

    Never tried painting the back myself but I imagine you could follow the same instructions as the front! I would do a way better job sealing up your work though! so maybe use a 2-part epoxy to seal it real good! :D

    Can I use cheap Acrylic paints or do they have to be somewhat expensive?

    heck yes! I mean.. the super cheap ones are annoying because they're kind of watery and take extra coats but you can find some decent ones :) Just make sure you seal the crap out of your artwork afterwards to protect it :D

    Cystal Clear spray enamel will work (a few coats) but if you want to get real fancy you can pick up some of that 2-part epoxy and pour it over your work and let it cure fully. just make sure you mix it right or it can mess up and be sticky forever :(


    I'm sorry I couldn't tell you for sure!

    I *can* tell you that it sounded the same to me before and after! And it's been years and I've heard no complaints from the original owner after I finished painting it! :)

    I just found this post and its exactly what i've been looking for! One question. About how much might all or this cost?

    It really depends on the cost of the guitar that you find but as for the rest of the materials-- About $20 !!

    When you use the crystal clear enamel do you wetsand between coats or just spray 3 or 4 times while letting each pass dry? thanks and guitar look really cool