Introduction: Paint Crisp Clean Lines

Here is a simple tip to give you crisp clean professionally painted lines.


jakesleg (author)2016-01-26

Great tip! I paint a lot and will use this to enhance borders between different paints. Being able to make clean paint borders could take the place of mouldings in contemporary-styled homes, giving a minimal styling approach.

Mackramer (author)2013-07-18

I've never seen this tip before today. Appears to be a genius idea. Thanks

WorkshopAddict (author)2012-10-05

If you have anymore cool painting tips, please share them with us at We would love to see them.

georion (author)2012-09-22

video not working for me --whats wrong ??

WorkshopAddict (author)georion2012-09-22

try it again. It is fine on my end.

dbarajas2231 (author)2012-09-20

Excellent Tip! Looking forward to putting this one into practice. Thanks for sharing.

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