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Introduction: Paint Laptop Orange

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So had an old laptop that was not working any more so decided to paint it orange and see what happened and what it would looks like.
First step was to remove all screws and take apart laptop so could setup areas that I wanted to paint.

Step 1: Take All Apart

So next stage was take it all apart and move parts that need to be painted aside.

I sanded some of mine but really did not need to be because they where not glossy or any layer that could not be painted over.

In my case when i was taking it all apart i did not really care since laptop does not work any more but be quite careful on where screws go and cables and make sure you can put it all back together when your finished.

Step 2: Paint

paint laptop is quite nice except that i ended up spraying to long in one place and got big blob so had to resand the lot and start again.

when spraying you must use mask, i did not and now am feeling the headake very stupid of me.

spray on layour of paint leave to dry, spray another layouer and then leave to dry.

to protect the paint and also to stop is coming off i sprayed a layour of clear lacker that found on ebay for 10euro this is very potent and you need to make sure it drys before you move it or put your hands near it. I also put two layours of this on.

Step 3: Final Product

final product after clicking everything back together and i have an orange laptop.



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    nice phone in one of those pictures!!!

    One thing I’ve learned from painting my dell laptop was you to keep the power button/hinge cover in place on the palm rest when you’re painting the two. If not the two of them won’t fit and may bow when you go to put them back together, plus the paint will most likely get chipped by the clips. But nice job on the orange.

    I painted my Dell D600 white using the same technique (and replaced the PCI card slot with a USB hub). Krylon brand paint made for plastic works really well, check out their website, lots of colors.

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    Can you show us what the USB hub looks like in the PCMCIA slot. I have a D600 that I just took apart and getting ready to paint.

    Ok, camera is messed up, so I did a rudimentary pic on Paint. Basically, I bought a four port USB hub, one with 3 ports on one side and 1 port on the other, and removed the plastic casing (specifically, t was a black radio shack hub with a retractable chord). I completely removed the PCI slot assembly (should only need a small Phillips screwdriver), then using some foam from a meat tray, made a 'nest' for the USB hub, which is partially wedged into the space underneath the palm rest, and will, using the foam, be partially clamped down. The cable for the hub works it's way through the insides of the comp, underneath the keyboard, and exits through a little nick in the upper edge of the lower part of the case, does a U -turn, then plugs into one of the USB sockets on the back. The correct place to notch the case edge should be obvious once you look at it. Given standard USB placement on these hubs, 3 sockets wide fit in the PCI slot without any extra room. There is one extra slot inside the comp, could be used for a 2nd internal HD or something cool like that.

    cool one thing to note though is to keep a nice clean environment or you'll end up with dust in it and you'll have to start over it would also probably be a good idea to pull out the status light covers and paint them separately or not at all so you can still see them i have to wonder how it met its demise as it looks exactly like the one I'm typing on now (inspiron 6400/e1505)

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    my mate was playing music off it at a party and someone spilt beer on it and dell would not replace motherboard so he gave it to me.

    Looks kool, Don't suppose we could see what it looked like before?

    what part looks blue? thats part is the sanded old coat.

    I was being funny Jeez

    yup orange all the way.