Picture of Paint or Plaster Mixer aka Stirrer - 3D AutoDesk Inventor 2012 files
In case you didn't see it.

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Now you did.

Well a good hello there again and wow, I'm glad that my project gathered a little steam, 3D printing is an engine and people coming together around projects that manage to actually take real world needs, formulate simple solutions to problems and all in a couple of hours solve them. That's power.

Remember I made it at TechShop SF??? This is a really big step. 

I sincerely hope that everyone reading this who does not YET have access to some of these tools is lucky enough to live near a TechShop. It took a lot of time and shifting for me to focus my scarce resources on joining TechShop, which enabled my learning all that I have to deliver my first tangible. If you knew the percentages I'm talking about (nearly 100%) you'd realize that I was betting it all on a hunch that this place would be a game changer. 

Was it a game changer? OMG yes!

Paradigms have been shifted and mountains have moved in the 6 weeks since I made that choice. 

Now that the stirrer has turned so many wheels I hope that sharing with you the step by step of generating the files will help too. This is absolutely going to look like an unscrupulous plug for TechShop, but if you realize the leverage that Google (Albeit an enormous cash machine for it's stock holders) has given everyday people like you and I in the world of information. Then if not today I hope someday soon you're going to realize the value of empowering everyday people to erase the barriers to entry, the barriers to creativity and the barriers to reinventing yourself, will be just as big.