Picture of Paint stripping your bike, made easy
With a Plumming tourch, a fine wire brush and a bit of time.

You will have your Bike stripped clean in no time.

Rusted areas will still need sanding.

This process will just make the job go faster.

Painted bikes strip fast,  Power Coated paints takes a bit longer.

Be Carefull, Open flame and hot metal can burn you.

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Step 1:

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Bowtie412 years ago
Another great tool for this is one of the heat guns from harbor freight,cheap and 2 settings,572 & 1112 degrees.my old one does 630 & 1000,and has held up for years now.Less than $10 til 1/31 on sale.Not a plug for HFT,just a tip
Bikebudy (author)  Bowtie412 years ago
All extra help is welcome. I still get badly rusted bikes sand blasted.
This is just a option to stripping the paint.