Step 9: Time to Reassemble

Picture of Time to Reassemble
Sure taking it completely apart was fun, but now you have to put it all back together! This is where that service manual really begins to shine! If you have some 'extra pieces' (screws and other things) don’t worry! The way I see it, you've probably built it more efficiently than the manufacturer and if someone wants to be a smart-ass tell them it was necessary to increase performance. (Like those Dodge Viper racing stripes you see on those hatchbacks with the spoiler that's almost two feet high!)

*** You should thoroughly test your laptop to ensure everything is functioning correctly. It makes no sense to continue stylizing your beast! ***

Kitoru7 years ago
It might be preferable to use a small amount of Epoxy, or alternate adhesive on this step. Super Glue has a tenancy to dry hard, and not respond well to the bending of rubber. Although it should work well in the beginning, it might be overly brittle and resist wear poorly in the longer term.