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Introduction: Paint Your Computer Case

Bore from your old & simple computer case.Here are some ideas to draw design on computer case.Below are some pics of finished work.

Step 1: Things You Needed

3:Fabric paint or $ metallic $ color
4:Paint Brush (6)small size

Step 2: Step 2

First draw the picture u like or picture draw on my computer case.Use first penciel and then paint black outline of it

Step 3: Step 3

For flames i use three color actually i use two.I made orange color from Red+Yellow=orange.After you paint all color use yellow to paint very slim line to top

Step 4: Step 4

For dragon i use dark blue and red color.For dragon head you can use penciel all over head slightly rub from your fingers.

U can make different designs for refrences use google search [ Google] :0)



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    i want to paint the half life 2 logo on my pc

    It kind of bothers me that the head is just floating in space...

    AHAHHA awesome

    Arrowed, sworded, burninated. Unfortunately Trogdor only burninated the countryside and the peasants. Trogdor the Burninator is this guy.


    its where trogdors from.
    (p.s. in guildwars theres a skill called "mark of rodgort"....backwards=trogdor :)
    (p.p.s. yes, nerd here :)

    You are using acrylic paint? Your design looks OK, but you could have done a bit more with it. Looks like a bored dragon, it could have looked more pissed-off. Your painting is good, you've kept if nicely within the lines.

    1 reply

    ur right it looks bored to me too

    that ISN'T trogdor

    Look at that picture you will see. lol!! Something like Dragon :D